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Advance Commercialization and Technologies
At the Advanced Manufacturing Institute, we strive to help you take your science and business ideas further, faster. We want to help you develop and validate new concepts, with the goal of eventually taking these concepts to market.

In addition to helping university faculty “harden” and validate their science or business concepts, AMI involves faculty as experts in helping businesses develop their own technology concepts. So, whether you are interested in serving the economy by getting your own ideas to market or by helping others take their ideas to market, AMI welcomes and encourages your involvement.

Teaming-Up for Accelerated Success
Our resources help bridge the gap between new technologies and commercialization, enhancing the opportunity for you to establish and market your ideas and inventions. Through our technology development services, we provide integrated business and technical assistance and applied research support services to university faculty and researchers like you.

At AMI, your project will be led by an experienced project manager who will serve as your single point of contact throughout the project. We will work with you to analyze markets to determine new product introduction strategies, define product specifications, create strategic product development plans and identify investment and commercialization partners.

From helping you solidify and scale-up ideas to creating a prototype to establishing a marketing strategy for commercialization, we offer a combination of services, high-quality equipment and design programs to improve your success.

Boosting Student Success
Our clients have expressed continued appreciation for the outstanding skills and work ethics of students from Kansas State University, who they often hire right out of school. Likewise, our students appreciate getting to network with leading businesses that are potential employers.

Would you classify a few of your students as the “the best and the brightest?” Why not help them get a foot in the door and tell them about the internship opportunities at AMI? By working with a team of experts to complete a project for one of our clients, they'll gain valuable knowledge and skills, which will prepare them and connect them to success after college.

AMI…Engineering Success.


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