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End-To-End Customized Solutions
Staying ahead of the competition is vital to your success. That means doing more with less time and even smaller budgets. The Advanced Manufacturing Institute was established to help businesses like yours maximize your potential through accelerating product development, improving manufacturing processes and streamlining work processes. Our staff consists of experienced engineers, dedicated project managers, skillful shop technicians, knowledgeable business professionals, innovative faculty from Kansas State University and top-notch student interns. These human resources, coupled with a well-equipped facility of advanced manufacturing and computer equipment, serve as an excellent resource for your business as it stretches to seize opportunities in this fast-changing world.

Accelerate Success Through Product Development
For product development, we follow a proven project management process for moving a new product from initial idea to its launch into the marketplace. This process helps focus your project, accelerates the decision-making process, reduces your risk and accelerates commercialization. We also provide a post-launch review that will help you assess and learn from the project, so that your business may continue to optimize its product development cycle.

Bring Manufacturing Processes In Line With Your Goals
Businesses like you should routinely track and analyze the efficiency of your manufacturing processes to ensure they are running at the highest possible production rates while achieving the product quality necessary to sustain long-term business. Additionally, as your business develops new products, whether they are line extensions or new concepts, you often need to design and build, or redesign and rebuild, manufacturing equipment. Whatever the case, AMI can provide you with the appropriate resources and help you manage the project to meet your desired goals.

Minimize Processes, Maximize Productivity
By evaluating and streamlining the way you work, your business can cut costs, boost productivity and minimize risk. We will work with you to analyze the various work processes followed by your employees in areas such as production, research, business and administration and help you find ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Improvements may involve changing job procedures, redesigning your facility to optimize space and make workstations more efficient. Using a proven project management process, a team of experts will help you assess your needs, develop and implement changes, then test the outcomes of these changes to ensure you are receiving the maximum benefit.

A Single Point Of Contact Who Understands Your Business
From the moment you pick up the phone or walk in the door, you’ll receive the highest quality customer service. You will be teamed-up with an experienced project manager who will act as your single point of contact throughout each stage of your project. Together, you’ll pinpoint a specific need and develop a customized solution. From there, the AMI team will assist you with everything from design to fabrication to the implementation and evaluation of your solution.

Up-and-Coming Professionals At Your Service
Through our advanced internship program, you will have the opportunity to work with the best business and engineering students in Kansas. Through this internship program, you will be introduced to potential employees who already have the knowledge, experience and skills that are valuable to businesses like yours. By hiring from this excellent pool of interns, you can save time and money associated with training and learning-curve mistakes—just one more way your business can step ahead of the competition by working with AMI.

Extending Your Resources Without Extending Costs
Whether you specialize in industrial equipment or consumer products, you can count on AMI to provide expert recommendations and solutions. In addition to our project support services, we offer enhanced training opportunities to help your business stay current on science and manufacturing technologies. By taking advantage of us as a training resource, you will empower your most important resource—your staff. They’ll gain the knowledge and ability to handle critical tasks confidently, saving your business valuable time and money.

Service Backed By Technology
Stocked with the latest CAD software, rapid prototyping and product testing technologies, our facilities are well-equipped to support your product development and processing improvements. Our staff and interns will use these facilities to help you design and test prototypes, so that you may keep your own equipment dedicated to profit-generating production.

End-to-End Technical Services
From technology development to fabrication to facility planning, we will collaborate with you to create a solution specific to your needs. Get acquainted with our range of services and see how your business could benefit from utilizing AMI.

AMI…Engineering Success.


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