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AMI...Engineering Success
In the marketplace today, the challenges are constantly growing and changing and you are driven to find new and inventive ways to remain competitive. To succeed, you need a partner with the knowledge and resources to propel innovation and keep you on the forefront of advanced product and process technologies.

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute is such a partner. We are a full-service product and process development center, as well as a training center. Our team of experts are ready to collaborate with you to develop new technologies, bring new products to market, increase production throughput and product quality, and boost your bottom-line profits—let us engineer your success.

At AMI, we employ some of the best engineers in the business, each of which has industry experience in design, manufacturing, project management and sales. We also have experts in business and product design to offer you a full spectrum of development services. In addition to our team, AMI is networked to a diverse group of experts at Kansas State University and other key businesses and organizations. Together with our partners, AMI has the ability to bring together the appropriate set of business and technology skills to help our clients achieve their specific goals.

We are proud of our innovative skills and flexibility to help our clients succeed and take pride in our high level of customer service and the relationships we have built over the years.

From the start, AMI works with you as an integrated team. This team is led by an experienced project manager that will serve as your single point of contact throughout your project. Every project begins with a collaborative discussion to determine your specific needs, and then proceeds through stages of a project management process to completion. We work with you to establish acceptable budgets and timelines, that guide decision-making throughout the project.

For product development projects, we follow a proven process for moving a new product from idea to launch. Our process is an effective way to help focus the project, drive decision-making, and accelerate speed to market. Since speed is critical to the success of a new product in the marketplace, our process is designed to help you define precise goals, then set a timeline and clear milestones for reaching these goals. This process helps the team foresee and overcome obstacles in order to keep the project on track. The AMI team supports the project through completion, then we conduct a post-project analysis to help you learn from the project, so you may improve your product development cycle for future projects.

AMI uses a similar project management process for manufacturing process changes. First, we conduct an evaluation of the current process configuration, then proceed to define desired outcomes and a corresponding strategy for achieving these outcomes. Manufacturing process projects may involve optimizing equipment settings, upgrading parts or subsystems for higher output, improving product changeover times, redesigning equipment to accommodate various product grades, or designing and building new equipment to process new products. In any case, our team of experts will help you plan, design and implement solutions.

Whatever the project type, AMI keeps you up-to-date through regular meetings and reports from your project manager as the project moves forward, and we promise the utmost confidentiality of all your intellectual property and classified information. At the conclusion of your project, we conduct a project assessment to measure our performance and determine how we can continue to improve our services for you.

In addition to project support, AMI provides training workshops and seminars to help manufacturers keep updated on the latest technologies and practices. AMI also hosts a nationally recognized internship program that provides undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through real-world projects. This training enables interns to be more knowledgeable and productive upon graduation, while at the same time supplying companies with an excellent selection of well-trained and experienced employees.

AMI has developed a reputation for engineering success—business success, economic success, faculty success and student success. Whether you are looking for a resource to help develop products or processes, a researcher needing assistance in validating your science or business concept, or a student looking for an opportunity to gain valuable real-world experience, AMI is ready to help engineer your success.

Why choose AMI?

Our engineers are highly trained and AMI can deliver the services you need in the most cost effective way possible.

“AMI is a unique combination of faculty, students and experienced engineers who can improve most any manufacturing operation, large or small.”
-- W. G. Cooper, Manager of Mechanical Engineering, Honeywell

From concept to the marketplace, AMI will find the best way to make your project or process a success.

“AMI has proven that they provide excellent value for John Deere with their unique, cost effective approach for providing design, analysis and physical hardware. The John Deere/AMI relationship continues to grow and become stronger with each new project.”
-- Doug Meyer, Manager of Engineering, John Deere

At AMI, this means planning ahead to speed the process and minimize risks to ensure things run smoothly from beginning to end.

“Moly Manufacturing, Inc. has had a very positive experience with AMI.”
-- Jon Mollhagen, President, Moly Manufacturing, Inc.

Customer Service
Beyond the science and technology, we’re in a service business and everyone on our staff is dedicated to providing you quality solutions.

“We have enjoyed our relationship and experience with AMI and continually recommend them to other organizations.”
-- Michael W. Keenan, CEO/President, Heatron, Inc.

AMI has the resources to deliver the results you need–from small to large projects–your success is always top of mind.

“The engineering solutions provided by AMI have been effective, solid designs which provide practical, reliable products. Working with AMI has been a very positive experience.”
-- Brian Reilly, Product Manager, New Products and Technologies, Keddeg Company


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