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About AMI - Intern Program

Preparing for Future Careers
As a college student, getting a foot in the door now will have a major impact in your future career. Employers seek new employees with experience, expecting you to “hit the ground running” once you are hired. That’s why AMI has created an internship program that allows K-State undergraduate and graduate students in engineering and business to gain real-world experience and meet prospective employers.

As an AMI intern, you will have a chance to work with a team of experts on complex projects from start to finish. Each project will be led by an experienced project manager, and our staff will assist you in managing your daily tasks, provide hands-on mentoring, help keep your project on schedule and within budget, and offer the appropriate tools you need to successfully complete the job. By the end of your term, you will have a better understanding of how to plan and manage a project from beginning to end. These projects will also allow you to demonstrate your skills, experience and innovative problem-solving capabilities to our clients, proving to them that you would be a valuable employee upon graduation.

Opportunities Available at AMI:

Mechanical Engineering
  • Product design
  • Equipment design
  • Engineering analysis
  • Structural (FEA, etc)
  • Motion
  • Thermal
  • Product testing
Industrial Engineering
  • Product analysis for manufacturing
  • Process planning/development
  • Equipment design
  • Production system analysis
  • Product costing
  • Workflow and facility design
  • Quality systems
Electrical Engineering
  • Control/power systems design
  • Product design
  • Processing equipment
  • Engineering analysis
  • Product testing
  • Programming
Chemical Engineering
  • Plant design
  • Process development
  • Engineering analysis
Computer Information Science
  • Client MIS improvement
  • Info system assessments
  • Control systems programming
  • GUI development
  • Simulation models
  • Numerical analysis
Business/Client service
  • Product cost analysis
  • Information systems implementation
  • Market research
  • Product planning
  • Business system improvement
  • Operations systems improvement
Business/Internal operations
  • Marketing research
  • Information systems implementation
  • Business management support
  • Operations management support
  • Human resources development support

Undergraduate intern application
Graduate intern application


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